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The Extinct Desinence I 16th of May 2024

The Extinct Desinence I 16th of May 2024, 5 -7 pm.

Lucia Veronesi, visual artist, Italy
Jordi Bascompte, Professor of Ecology Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies, University of Zurich
Rodrigo Cámara-Leret, Department of Systematic and Evolutionary Botany, University of Zurich

Italian artist Lucia Veronesi’s project The Extinct Desinence was born as a broad reflection on the relationship between the history of science in its female declinations, the field of botany, the extinction of languages, and their socio-political implications. The project was developed through a research phase in London, Trondheim and Zurich, where the artist collaborated with Rodrigo Cámara-Leret and Jordi Bascompte. The project results are a publication, textile works, a video, and collages. Zurich is the third stop that sees the international spread of the project after a solo exhibition in London and Trondheim. Following this, the artist will have an exhibition in Venice and Castrignano dei Greci, Apulia.

The Extinct Desinence is a project curated and produced by Ramdom (Italy). It is realised in collaboration with the National Museum of Decorative Arts and Design (Trondheim, Norway); with the support of the University of Zurich - Department of Systematic and Evolutionary Botany and Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies (Zurich, Switzerland); Goldsmiths University (London, UK); Italian Cultural Institute, Oslo; and Ca' Pesaro - Galleria Internazionale d’Arte Moderna (Venice, Italy) – the museum of destination of the work.

The project is made with the support of Collezione Luca Bombassei.The project is supported by the Italian Council (12th Edition, 2023), program to promote Italian contemporary art in the world by the Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity of the Italian Ministry of Culture.

Credit: Lucia Veronesi, Orthomene schomburgkii (The Extinct Desinence ), 2024. Collage and thread on paper, 28 x 21,9 cm. Photo: Francesco Allegretto.

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