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More-Than-Planet: Visions for a Life in a New Geological Epoch?


The transdisciplinary exhibition “More -Than – Planet: Visions for a Life in a New Geological Epoch?” addresses the proclamation of the new geological epoch known as the Anthropocene, which is likely to be declared at the 37th International Geological Congress in August 2024 in Busan, South Korea. The geological reference point chosen for the beginning of this new epoch is the Lake Crawford, in Ontario, Canada. Key markers for its onset include plutonium traces from atomic tests, carbon particles from fossil fuels, as well as nitrates and fertilizers – all traces of human activities from the 1950s, detected in sediments of the water column of the Lake Crawford. But the Anthropocene does not start solely with the so-called «Great Acceleration» that followed World War II. We can root the human impact at a geological level on our planetary system with the significant acceleration enabled by colonization from the 15th Century onwards.

A team of artists and researchers comes together for the exhibition, combining artistic and scientific methods to explore the significance of declaring the new geological epoch and to develop collective approaches to addressing the multiple crises characteristic of the Anthropocene. The exhibition presents interdisciplinary research results, art and science field notes, as well as art installations. It explores speculative research on deep time, showcases regenerative practices, and introduces situational knowledge from local communities on the following topics: White Geology vs. Black Anthropocenes, Living Soils, and Extraction and Geological Power Claims.



Participating artists

Aerocene Foundation (INT)
Antti Tenetz & Photo North (FI)
Bureau d’Études (FR)
Ewen Chardronnet (FR) & Maya Minder (CH)
Felicia Honkasalo (FI)
Julie Semoroz (CH-FR)
Ludwig Berger (CH-DE)
Magali Daniaux & Cédric Pigot (FR)
Matilda Kenttä (SE)
Miha Turšič (SI)
Monica Ursina Jäger (CH-DE/UK)
Nolan Oswald Dennis (ZA)
The Laboratory Planet (INT)
Satellite project by Ishita Chakraborty (CH-IN)

Opening on Tuesday, 19th of March 2024
March 20 to July 13, 2024


Curated by Ewen Chardronnet and Martina Huber
Assistant Curators: Ana Victoria Bruno and Lea Elina Hofer
Advisory board: Ravi Agarwal and Miha Turšič




More-Than-Planet: Visions for a Life in a New Geological Epoch?