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"Co-Habitations": Winner of Clima Now Award


With Maya Minder, Ishita Chakraborty, Maurice Maggi, Raphael Portmann, Violeta Burckhardt, Martina Huber, Carolina Brunelli, Alexandra Eichenauer, Guillaume Habert


May 2023 – October 2023

Co- Habitations is a critical contemplation on what cities will look like in the future and what challenges society will face in the nearest 100 years. Imagining possible outcomes in the face of ecological crisis aims to open a discussion, explore new perspectives and share knowledge from different disciplines in order to look for solutions collaboratively.


Learning together from and with the youth and different communities.

Learning how to change our relationship with the environment from parasitic to symbiotic one is the main objective of the project. Learning from the elderly and from young generations, learning through discussion and through collective and individual acts – all of these lie in the basis of our approach.

The core team of the project will include artists, eco-activists, researchers and urban designers. Such a diverse team would create a potential to unite artistic and scientific methods and create a well-rounded approach to deal with the issue.

The platform, in a form of a pavilion, will be designed and constructed by Institute of construction and infrastructure management of ETH, with inputs from university professors and in cooperation with the students.The project will last for a year and will include several phases.



“Co-Habitations”: Winner of Clima Now Award