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Educational Program: Can You See Me Now?

The Can You See Me Now? project offers two workshops, in which a playful approach allows students to experience how our everyday lives are permeated by digital surveillance infrastructures, and how large amounts of personal data are voluntarily and involuntarily passed on to unknown, often unregulated sources. In these workshops, we pursue the powerful goal of deconstructing the complex interconnections of everyday technologies through performative approaches and aesthetic experiences. The mediation program is developed in collaboration with Shusha Niederberger. She is a lecturer for digital culture at the ZHdK and develops methods for investigating the topic of user data practice in the research project Latent Spaces.

This workshop program was developed in line with Lehrplan 21 and is adapted to the grade level listed.


07.10.2022 – 27.01.2023

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How Tracking Becomes Possible (3rd grade–6th grade)

This workshop consists of an experimental walk that investigates GPS signals: How does a call find me on the road? How does the map know where I am? We will playfully explore the connections that cell phones make, learn about the towers that cell phones talk to, and go on an experimental walk with GPS signals. The point is to get to know the different types of cell phone connections—cellular and GPS—understand which connection outputs which data, and learn how to use each type of connection purposefully and safely.


RYBN.ORG, Offshore Tour Operator, 2017–ongoing; Image courtesy of the artists.

Through the Eye of Data (secondary school)

Participants in this workshop will engage in an interactive tour of the exhibition that encourages dialogue and personal reflection. In this workshop, we will use the photos saved on our own cell phones to learn how a personal photographic practice first becomes data, and then metadata. We will create small experimental data sets about ourselves with simple tools, which we will then evaluate together: What does this data say about us and our photos? Are these conclusions correct? And what does a traffic jam without cars on Google Maps has to do with any of it?

Workshop with Ishita Chakraborty ‘The Mouth Is for Speaking’, 2022



Educational Program: Can You See Me Now?