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Educational Program: A City Beyond

This year we are looking at the subject of living together and the living needs of each individual as well as our society as a whole now and in 100 years. Core questions about water, soil, air, food, energy, and housing will be addressed.


We want to visualise these focal points and make them tangible. Discovering, representing, and realising on a small scale. We create a relationship with nature and learn to use its potential.
Using the topic of interrelations between human and non-human living beings, the artists in the exhibition A City Beyond: Rethinking Co-Habitation project a possible future for living together.


15.03.2023 – 27.05.2023

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We are an official partner of Schule + Kultur of the canton of Zurich, please find more information here

About the workshop:

In the workshop, we will walk through the exhibition interactively and address the theme of co-habitation and questions such as: What can we adopt from the behaviour of those around us? Which fiction comes so close to reality that it can be implemented? What other ideas do we have?
Fungi are an important player in soil ecology, they are transformers, recyclers, and all-rounders. They coexist symbiotically with plants and provide vital nutrients to trees through their root systems. Fungi can do so much more and are a topic that still needs to be explored in depth in design and architecture, which raises a lot of hope about climate change. Together with the students, we will prepare fungal mycelia and substrates, learn about their botany, and how fungi have the potential to clean even toxic soils.


This workshop program was developed in line with Lehrplan 21 and is adapted to each grade level.

Isabell Bullerschen, research for Ipseria, 2023. Image courtesy the artist.


Educational Program: A City Beyond: Rethinking Co-Habitation