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Loose Energy Curriculum: micronoises

Loose Energy Curriculum: micronoises
Regenerative Energy Communities and WeAreAIA invite you to our evening of events on Wednesday 2nd of August.
“Loose Energy Curriculum: micronoises” with Paula Pin, Oliver Jäggi, Helmi Hardian, Miranda Moss, Marc Dusseiller and special guests, organised by Regenerative Energy Communities, Hackteria and SGMK

Wednesday 2nd August
Location for all the events:
AIA Art Space, Löwenbräukunst
Limmatstrasse 268
8005 Zurich

All the events have free admission.

DIY microscope workshop & micro-queerness mapping
by Paula Pin & Hackteria

Wednesday, 2nd August, 14:00- 17:30
Limited places available, please RSVP : ''

In connection with nature, we fall in love with the earth and are curious about its inhabitants. We investigate who is native and who is an invasive species to understand the complexity of the place. Of course, this leads to wanting to know who has cared for the earth since time immemorial. Who evolved with this earth and formed and formed this bioregion? When we begin our journey towards connecting with nature must include this, because this deletion is harmful.  When you uproot a land culture that has evolved with the land for ages immemorial, the trauma is immense not only for people, but also for their more than human community. How the uprooted land microcultures affect the terrain and how all the microorganisms fight to survive when the humans make inferences on the land? how these facts also affect the ecosystem and humans on a feedback loop. 

Mapping queerness is an exercise to compile as much as we can about the microscopic entities and look for how the forces and interactions between microorganisms are moving the cooperation as horizontal gene transfer of information, just following the rules and the behaviors of bacterias as we learn from each other. 

Related with the exhibition Regenerative Energy Communities we will love to explore the effects of the big eolic parks into the microbiota of the lands where they are installed in order to explore how these big parks destroy the micromacro ecosystem. 

More information can be found here:

Experimental low voltage ~ High Energy Audio and Visual performances by Omega Attraktor, Ralf Schreiber, VJ @vali_ship, Helmi Hardian, Paula Pin, Shitström and more special guests

Wednesday, 2nd August, 18:00 - onward
Free entry, no reservation needed.

After the performances, and guided by the workshopologists, the audience/participants are hereafter invited to join an open interactive jamsession, rave with tardigrades, learn-play with various curious sound devices, musically collaborate with electro-active microbes, sonify the output from the regenerative energy artworks on the exhibition, or just relax on a beanbag, listen, and read a book from the humuspunk library.

About the artists:
Winterthur-based artist Omega Attraktor works with self-built electronic instruments, creating intense ambient soundscapes with elements of electro and electronic body music. Dealing with the interaction of analog and digital technology, their improvised live performances embrace the wildness and aliveness of these DIY instruments. For this special performance, Omega Attraktor will focus on exploring the feral chaos of ultra low energy synthesisers.

Ralf Schreiber works with minimal electronic circuits, solar-panels, motors and little speakers. His experimental and playful works generate soft sounds and tiny movements. At the centre of his work there is the long time project Living Particles, autonomous audio-kinetic installations in always new constellations of solar powered, inter-acting mini-robot modules. He finished his Master’s studies at the Münster College of Art and pursued postgraduate studies at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne. He has exhibited in many galleries and international media arts festivals, and gives many workshops on his circuits.

VJ Vali_Ship is the AV moniker of Valentina Shipovskaya, Multidisciplinary intergenerational researcher & digital demographer. As an independent empirical researcher, with a Master of Arts in Social Sciences (Sociology and Gender Studies), the main goal of her study is to understand how social relations are responsible for producing health capacity and functional stability during the second half of the life course. Using a combination of theoretical approaches and visualization of statistical methods, VJ Vali Ship creates visually alluring and conceptually intriguing live projections based on her intensive research data.

Shitström is an ever-evolving queer noise improv band consisting of whoever is around. They play primarily with Ralf Schreiber's low energy, feral noise circuits and Pin's Kaosglam, powered by cow shit and other electro-active microbial substrates.

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