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Artist talk and guided tour with Maya Minder and Ewen Chardronnet I 9 June 2024

Guided tours in collaboration with Edition VFO

9 June 2024
14:00 - 15:45

14:00 - 14:45 - Guided tour of the exhibition "On Thresholds and Boundaries" at Edition VFO
14:45 - 15:45 - Guided tour with Ewen Chardronnet and Maya Minder of the exhibition More-Than-Planet at We Are AIA

In collaboration with Edition VFO, WE ARE AIA will organise guided tours of the exhibition More-Than-Planet together with exhibiting artists. The joined guided tours will allow the public to visit both the exhibition at WE ARE AIA and at the next-door gallery Edition VFO, where also artists will be conducting a guided tour.

On Sunday June 9, 2024 Ewen Chardronnet and Maya Minder will join us to talk about their work "Homo Photosyntheticus" on view as part of the exhibition More-Than-Planet: Visions for a Life in a New Geological Epoch?

About Maya Minder and Ewen Chardronnet

Maya Minder (born 1983) lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland, and Paris, France. “Cooking thus transforms us,” is a framework Minder weaves like a thread through her work. For Minder, cooking serves as a metaphor for human transformation, and she combines this with the evolutionary idea of a symbiotic coexistence between plants, animals, and humans. She creates entanglements between human commodities and the animism of nature—a table of diversity, not yet digested.

Ewen Chardronnet (born 1971) is an artist, author, journalist and curator living and working in Paris and Zurich. In his work, he is interested in practices, tactics and speculations that connect artistic research and scientific knowledge to the creation of social situations that intertwine discourses and shifts of perspectives in the very fabric of society. His latest book is Space Without Rockets (with R. La Frenais, UV, 2022).

Photo: Nicolas Petit

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