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GLOBAL I LOCAL Workshops 23th of March, 2024

PuraVerdura, Maurice Maggi, Ishita Chakraborty: Storytelling and cooking with local vegetables (two workshops)

Two workshops offer insights into the world of storytelling and cooking with the renowned artist Ishita Chakraborty, urban gardening pioneer Maurice Maggi, and the local vegetable initiative Pura Verdura. Pura Verdura is Zurich's local vegetable subscription service that operates on the principles of community-supported agriculture. Ishita Chakraborty will discuss her fascinating art installation at Löwenbräu, which explores the migration of plants in the context of colonization to Europe. Afterwards, we will transition from the global to the local context and cook with local vegetables from Pura Verdura. Maurice Maggi will lead the cooking workshop while Ishita Chakraborty hosts a drawing workshop.
At the end of both workshops, we will all share a meal cooked together. It is possible to attend both workshops.

11:45 Introduction in the Parterre, in front of Ishita Chakraborty's Installation
12:15 Beginning of Drawing Workshop with Ishita Chakraborty, AIA Space
12:15 Beginning of Cooking Workshop with Maurice Maggi, AIA Space
13:30 Shared Meal

Global I Local Workshop with Maurice Maggi, 12:15 to 14:00
We warmly invite you to discover the world of sustainable cuisine with us! Inspired by fresh vegetables from the community-supported agriculture of Pura Verdura, we will get creative together. Let's explore the diversity of nature and learn to cook consciously and environmentally friendly. In our workshop, we will prepare a delicious minestrone and discuss nutrition and eating habits.

Live Drawing Workshop with Ishita Chakraborty, 12:15 to 14:00
Together, we will draw a selection of plants, followed by a storytelling session that incorporates the stories of plant migration, consumption, transplantation, and mutation in new environments. The artist aims to question what makes something native or foreign.

A collaboration between WE ARE AIA I Awareness in Art and Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst.

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