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Fintopia by Kollektiv Fintopia


Where money and financial systems do good for the planet

An experience space with stories from the future Fintopia investigates a key driver of our activities: Money. What happens if we design its rules differently to foster a healthy world? The exhibition uses artistic and design practices to explore how our systems work and how we might conceive our (financial) world differently. Where is the frontier between plausibility and utopia? And where do we already find traces of desirable futures? Fintopia offers future scenarios full of approaches, inspirations and stories. And opens up the space for discussion, questioning, and thinking beyond. A realm of possibilities that awakens the curiosity to venture into the economic unknown.

Opening on Thursday, 16 of November 2023
November 17 to February 17, 2023

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Fintopia Project Team
Miriam Nietlispach, Cerca
Marie-Claire Graf
Tom Stäubli, Cerca
Massimo Calamassi



On view: Fintopia by Kollektiv Fintopia