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Co-Habitations Project – Activation Weekend #2: What Is Good Neighborhood?

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Soundwalk: We Are the Bodies of Water by Ishita Chakraborty (in German / English)
The soundwalk, “We Are the Bodies of Water,” by Ishita Chakraborty will illuminate us combined with field recordings, readings, organic sounds, and poetry. It will create the opportunity to imagine multispecies relationships between climate change, migration, and ecofeminism.
Wilder Platz, Zollstrasse 99, 8005 Zurich
Thursday, June 29, 2023, 6 :30 p.m.
Friday, June 30, 2023, 2023, 6 :30 p.m.
Saturday, July 1, 2023, 4: 30 p.m.

Dialogue followed by a dinner: Interspecies Encounters
with Pedro Wirz (artist), Ishita Chakraborty (artist and poet), Alex Jordan (behavioral ecologist), and Anja Wegner (PhD IMPRS), Jordan Lab at Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior), Martina Huber (initiator of Co-Habitations and founder of WE ARE AIA), moderated by Mareike Dittmer, Director of Public Engagement at TBA21

How do we want to live together? Join us to playfully dive into discussing our relationships and kinship with other than human inhabitants in a world in distress. While sharing a meal at the collective table, we want to unfold imaginations where scientific rigor, radical tenderness, and poetic inquiries can build potential for collaboration and care.
Wilder Platz, Zollstrasse 99, 8005 Zurich
Thursday, June 29, 2023, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

FUTURING Workshop: “How Do You ‘Make’ the Future?” a journey through time and into dealing with uncertainty with Eva-Maria Spreitzer and Sonja Schenkel in Collaboration with Klimapavillon Zurich.
We all orient ourselves to the future as the basis for decisions,
but how will we deal with the future in twenty or one hundred years? We are already experiencing it; things are likely to be turned upside down.
WeAreAIA space, Löwenbräukunst, Limmatstrasse 268, 8005 Zurich
Friday, June 30, 2023, 2023, 1 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
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Dialogue and Drinks: “Shifting Ecosystems” with artist Ishita Chakraborty, landscape architect and writer Violeta Burckhardt, climate scientist Noè Zardi and ecologist Vincent Fehr, moderated by Martina Huber
In an era characterized by unparalleled environmental transformation, the impact of humans on the planet is readily apparent as entire ecosystems are displaced and disrupted. The ensuing discourse centers around landscape migration, the survival challenges faced by various species, and the emergence of novel ecosystems in response to the swift pace of climate change.
Wilder Platz, Zollstrasse 99, 8005 Zurich
Friday, June 30, 2023, 2023, 7 p.m.

Family Workshop: “Human Partnership with the Plant Kingdom” by Ishita Chakraborty
Sun, water, and air are important symbols in many forms of spirituality; they are also essential elements for growing plants in nature. In the cyanotype process we also record the time and the stories behind the plant.
Wilder Platz, Zollstrasse 99, 8005 Zurich
Saturday, July 1, 2023, 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

The events are part of the project “Co-Habitation”, which is a critical contemplation on what cities will look like in the future and what challenges society will face in the nearest 100 years. Imagining possible outcomes in the face of ecological crisis aims to open a discussion, explore new perspectives and share knowledge from different disciplines in order to look for solutions collaboratively.

How do we want to live - now and in 100 years? This central question is the focus of the community-based public art project. We rethink the future in collaboration through collective action and art + science practices. The pavilion, in form of a landscape of encounters, is situated at Wilderplatz close to Zurich Main Station. The platform hosts a diverse, participatory program of artistic workshops, discussions, and performances.

We are looking forward to welcome you!

Chromis chromis, Serranus tabacarius on As Close As We Get by SUPERFLEX in the Mediterranean sea, Corsica. Photo: Anja Wegner. Courtesy of Anja Wegner/JordanLab

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