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Worshop “Fermentation Stories” hosted by artist Maya Minder during the Open House Löwenbräukust April 1st, 2023

Workshop by Maya Minder during Open House Löwenbräu 1.4.2023 13:00–15:00

The Löwenbräu is organising this year's Open House and for this occasion and to start the events' program of our new exhibition A City Beyond: Rethinking Cohabitation, we invited artist Maya Minder to give her workshop

“Fermentation Stories. An afternoon of knowledge sharing, collaborative practices and tasting”

which will take place Saturday, 1st. of April 2023 from 13:00 to 15:00

About the workshop:

The metabolic process that takes place in fermented food has a positive impact on the human gut bacteria. This microbial mechanism also tells us stories about food politics, self-sufficiency, small-scale and local production. The ferments on the table are in constant flux and illustrate the symbiotic coexistence between
plants, animals and humans. Decomposition and composition are transferred to the table through the stains and the transformation of the table setting during the event. This laboratory of knowledge exchange is a practical exercise of un-learning and DIWO (Do it With Others). We became microbial in the sense of network

Free admission


About the Open House:

The open house event at Löwenbräukunst will open up a dialogue with various communities and establish lasting connections that go beyond individual visits to our institutions.

Exhibitions tours in different languages will also take place during the day and two of them will visit our space:

11:00 - 12:00 Tour of the exhibitions in Russian with Polina, meet in the Foyer Löwenbräukunst
15:00 - 16:00 Tour of the exhibitions in Ukrainian with Olena, meet in the Foyer Löwenbräukunst

Please check the whole program here: Offenes Haus Löwenbräukunst


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