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Escape Room “Hacked!”

Escape Room “Hacked!”


#DigitalLiteracy #FutureSkills


Escape Room Hacked! Free yourself from the clutches of hackers and your digital behavior.


In Switzerland, we spend an average of 5.6 hours a day on the Internet (Latzer et al. 2023). #Data, #Algorithms and #ArtificialIntelligence shape our everyday life. Critical thinking and digital skills are therefore essential as #FutureSkills in order to assess the consequences of our actions.


WE ARE AIA I Awareness in Art has developed an existing educational program in collaboration with Intersections into an escape room, which deals with topics such as #DigitalDiscrimination, #FakeNews, #HateSpeech and #DataProtection in a playful way through the prism of art. Without any prior knowledge, participants discover the system gaps and ask themselves the questions: What are algorithmic decisions based on and how do we remain self-determined?


The escape room “Hacked!” is aimed at young people between the ages of 12 and 16 from regular school classes and their teachers in the canton of Zurich and in neighbouring cantons.


Thanks to Intersections for the collaboration, the Manawa Foundation for the financial support and the data protection officers of the canton of Zurich for their valuable advisory role!


Image Credit: Simon Weckert, Google Maps Hack, Berlin, 2020

Implementation from August 2024.


Contact person: Alexandra Eichenauer:


Registration with partner classes possible and encouraged.



Escape Room “Hacked!”