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Energy Giveaway at the Humuspunk Library...

The Energy Giveaway at the Humuspunk Library shares ongoing works and practices emerging from the Regenerative Energy Communities project. We are artists, designers, technologists, farmers, and organisers exploring what possibilities lie in practices that aim to be regenerative. This involves experimenting with a range of different “regenerative” prototypes together with others. In the exhibition we ask, what do energy alternatives look like when we begin with the soil (humus: Latin for earth, ground) as a grounding for creative practice? How can we collectively define and cultivate a plurality of material practices of resistance, recovery, generosity, flourishing and pleasure? 

AIA invited Regenerative Energy Communities as curators for their co-habitations program, which asks “How do we want to live – now and in 100 years”? It’s hard to imagine the next decade, let alone the next 100 years, amidst the backdrop of rising violence, the war in Europe, and the intensification of mining for rare earth minerals to support the so-called green transition. The Energy Giveaway at the Humuspunk Library proposes a future-we-need for energy and agriculture that might breathe energy into the deadness of relation we find in the current moment––a future of queerer relations, resistances and refusals of redemption. We approached companions, inviting them to make forks of previous works, diagrams, zines, shared recipes, run workshops with us and lend us ferments. A community transition-infrastructure for the ongoingness of the world. 

Regenerative Energy Communities welcome you to join them for the Energy Giveaway at the Humuspunk Library. Different to the glossy images of a smart city or urban regeneration workshop, here you will find a library full of material resistances and prototypes creeping into life, spilling over and onto one another. Become a friend of the library and loosen up your relationship to energy and agriculture. Breakaway into a fantasy of queer geochemistries, regeneration, micro energy and creative life. Co-habit practices across a range of tones. Drop-in for rest and recuperation, planning your energy giveaway projects and experimenting with regenerative energy prototypes in the making. Hang out in the free energy giveaways, seed and spore swapping, and lounge lazily in farming, reading and listening corners with cushions for star-and-tardigrade gazing. Join our Loose Energy curriculum (cooking! circuit bending! soil remediation! cruising!) and other ongoing activities that embrace the fermenting queer revolts of punk energy makings as they emerge from the living, breathing, drinking, eating, farting, composting matter we call soil, a.k.a. humus. 


The main building on Limmatstrasse 270 has one regular and one large Elevator and both are wheelchair accessible.
The wheelchair-accessible entrance with the elevator is on Limmatstrasse 268.

There are spacious single, gender-neutral restrooms between level 1 and level 2.

And gender-neutral, wheelchair-accessible restrooms on level –1 (UG-Basement)
Floors are even with no ramps or thresholds throughout the building.
The gallery is dog-friendly.
Printed material is available in large print. Informal audio description is available.
The closest public transport stop, Löwenbräu tram stop, is barrier-free for visitors with limited mobility. The tram stop is approximately 75 meters from the barrier-free access to Limmatstrasse 268 and approximately 100 meters from the main entrance to Limmatstrasse 270. The entrance most suitable for visitors with limited mobility is the side entrance to Limmatstrasse 268, via a lift. The entrance most suitable for visitors with limited vision is the main entrance to Limmatstrasse 270, via steps. 


Curated by Regenerative Energy Communities (Helen V. Pritchard, Miranda Moss, Daniel Gustafsson, Eric Snodgrass)

Next Event: 23 September 14.00-18.00, 24 September 11.00-15.00
Exhibition 10th June -21st October 2023
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with: Regenerative Energy Communities and friends, including Miranda Moss, Helen V. Pritchard, Daniel Gustafsson, Eric Snodgrass, Shih Wei Chieh, Cristina Cochior, Marc DusseillerHackteria, Helmi Hardian, Zeenath Hasan & TheDirt, Oliver Jäggi, MELT (Ren Loren Britton & Iz Paehr), Maya Minder, Nani & Friends, Paula Pin, SGMK, The Institute for Technology in the Public Interest (TITiPI) feat. Martino Morandi, Gillian Wylde, plus surprise guests! 




23 September 14.00-18.00,

24 September 11.00-15.00

Participation in the events is free of charge!

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Micro(be) Power Experiment #27; Swamp Cells, Regenerative Energy Communities, 2020–ongoing, ©Nicolas Petit


Humuspunk Library: Zines, 2023, ©Nicolas Petit


Pop up Disabled Data Center, MELT, 2023, ©Nicolas Petit


Untitled (Skin), Maya Minder, 2022, ©Nicolas Petit


Mycelium Wind Turbine, Regenerative Energy Communities, 2021–ongoing, ©Nicolas Petit

Installation View, Energy Giveaway at the Hzmuspunk Library, 2023, ©Nicolas Petit






Energy Giveaway at the Humuspunk Library…