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Educational Program

Together with our partners Robert. F. Kennedy Human Rights and the University of Zürich, we have developed a special educational program for children and students.

The Mouth Is for Speaking makes the complex topic of human rights accessible to audiences of different ages. The aim is to draw attention to ongoing human rights violations and to identify various ways of actively campaigning for the preservation of human rights. The works encourage people to develop an individual form of activism. The visit and the workshops aim to create empathy and an awareness of options for individual action in the local environment. The audience not only gets to know individual artworks but also learns that there are many different ways to express their convictions and to be heard.


02.03.2022 – 28.05.2022

Seline Baumgartner, Reut Nahum, Apart from Us, 2022

The educational program comprises preparation and follow-up that utilizes theory, an interactive tour of the exhibition, and a practical artistic workshop.  During the workshop, students find new languages — be they visual or physical — that allow them to express themselves without words. Those who prefer to express themselves through their bodies will be especially inspired by the choreographed dance movements in Seline Baumgartner‘s work.


Painting Workshop with Ishita Chakaborty ‘The Mouth Is for Speaking’, 2022

On the track of colonial trade routes, where do the spices come from?
Workshop with Ishita Chakraborty 'The Mouth Is for Speaking', 2022
The second part of the workshop is based on the concept by artist Ishita Chakraborty, who explores cultural diversity through the spice rack that carries a long history of colonialism, the slave trade, and migration. The students are invited to draw and trace their collective journeys, stories, songs, mother tongues, or recipes while painting and writing on bedsheets with spices, tea, or coffee. The workshop is a cartographic experience to interweave the multicultural lyrics to weave an unmade song by stimulating several senses. The Mouth Is for Speaking is also accompanied by special events in collaboration with our partners, please find the schedule of events on our website. Please register for the workshops: Languages: German / English / French and in Urdu
Workshop with Ishita Chakraborty 'The Mouth Is for Speaking', 2022
Workshop with Ishita Chakraborty 'The Mouth Is for Speaking', 2022


Educational Program The Mouth Is for Speaking