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Educational Program

Educational Programm for Schools

Interactive guided tour, creative workshop and readymade lections

for classes Primarstufe 5 and upwards
1,5 hr each


The educational program accompanying the art exhibition 'The Mouth Is for Speaking' was developed in cooperation with Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights and the artists Ishita Chakraborty and Seline Baumgartner. Guided tour and workshop are given by art mediator Alexandra Eichenauer.

School class, Educational Program The Mouth Is for Speaking

School classes are provided with ready made lections for an analysis of the topic of freedom of speech.
Followed by a visit of WE ARE AIA's Artspace, where pupils participate in an interactive guided tour. A practical workshop let the young people find their own creativity through the spice rack, exploring cultural diversity and different forms of artistic expression. Together they travel, tell stories, share songs, memories, their mother tongues or their favorite recipe from home when painting and writing on bed sheets with pastes made from spices, tea and coffee.

To manifest the experience, teachers are provided with material to reflect on the visit and its impressions. Furthermore, pupils are encouraged to establish their personal wishes regarding human rights.

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