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Educational Program "Stadtpflanzen und essbares Unkraut Stadtspaziergang à la Maurice Maggi"

The educational program, developed in cooperation with Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Switzerland and ZHAW Research Group for Sustainability Education and Communication began as part of the Back to the Roots exhibition in 2022. More information can be found here.


Back in the 1980s, gardener and chef Maurice Maggi realized that the city had great potential for increasing biodiversity. He was the first “urban gardener” and “plant activist”, sowing pioneer plants in the city that successfully adapted to their sparse habitat:


“With my seeds, I wanted to set a blooming example on a small scale in the gray city. From a small crack it broke out and the whole public space changed. My flower graffiti became a subculture. Subtle and subversive, floral anarchy emerged and left its mark on more than just Zurich. With the plants, I delight hearts and show where vegetation is possible everywhere. In this way, public space is increasingly perceived, used and played with as collective property.” (Maurice Maggi)


With his cookbook “The Edible City”, Maurice Maggi shows that the city offers us an abundance of wild plants that can be eaten and cooked with wonderfully.


During the city walk, the school classes explore the urban landscape and the “flower graffiti” with Alexandra Eichenauer, based on Maurice Maggi’s approach: Supposed weeds turn out to be medicinal plants, herbs and leaves can be used in the kitchen. A participatory and interactive tour of the More-Than-Planet exhibition at WE ARE AIA can also be included in the walk. More information on the exhibition can be found here.


The goal is for participants to perceive the urban space in a new way, be sensitised to their environment, gain knowledge about it and be empowered to work in and with it and make it worth living in.


In this way, we approach the environment on a different level, treat it more carefully, look more closely and see more consciously.


* This program was developed in line with Lehrplan 21.


Mediation: Alexandra Eichenauer, Art Mediator

Photo credit: Martina Huber

Dates: By arrangement (between April-October) 


Duration: 2 hours with 10 minute break (or by arrangement)


Location: City of Zurich in the vicinity of Löwenbräu. The walk takes place outside and the route can be adapted to suit special needs.


Language: Swiss German, German


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We are an official partner of Schule + Kultur of the canton of Zurich, please find more information here.


Links to Lehrplan 21: 

Workshop with Maurice Maggi ‘Back to the Roots’, 2022

"When weeds turn out to be medicinal plants, and herbs as well as leaves can be used in the kitchen" - Maurice Maggi

Maurice Maggi with some of his ‘Flower Graffiti’

City Walk with Maurice Maggi


We will take the pupils on a journey through Zurich into the universe of plants that cohabit the city with human beings.


This workshop is based on Maurice Maggi’s approach: supposed weeds turn out to be medicinal plants, herbs, as well as leaves, that can be used in the kitchen. The students will learn how to shape urban landscapes to foster biodiversity.


After the walk, we will taste and enjoy seasonal delicacies.



Educational Program “Stadtpflanzen und essbares Unkraut Stadtspaziergang à la Maurice Maggi”