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Educational Program

The educational program, developed in cooperation with Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Switzerland and ZHAW Research Group for Sustainability Education and Communication is part of Back to the Roots.

This new exhibition literally takes you back to our earth’s roots. It will open up newfound perspectives in understanding nature as a living being and draw knowledge from traditional sources.

The educational program sensitizes young people to the socio-political issue of environmental protection, focusing on the way of living of indigenous peoples. The aim is to make these alternative world views accessible to audiences of different ages.

The educational program comprises of an introductory and interactive, human rights based lesson plan on indigenous rights, an interactive tour of the exhibition followed by one of two possible creative workshops with follow-up material to recapture what was learned back in class.

During the workshop, students will be able to deconstruct patterns of thought that date back to colonial times that no longer do justice to our current ecological issues. *

* This program was developed in line with Lehrplan 21.


08.06.2022 – 26.09.2022

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We are an official partner of Schule + Kultur of the canton of Zurich, please find more information here

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Workshop with Maurice Maggi ‘Back to the Roots’, 2022

City Walk with Maurice Maggi

We will take the pupils on a journey through Zurich into the universe of plants that cohabit the city with human beings.

This workshop is based on Maurice Maggi’s approach: supposed weeds turn out to be medicinal plants, herbs, as well as leaves, that can be used in the kitchen. The students will learn how to shape urban landscapes to foster biodiversity.

Finally, the fresh lime blossoms from the Josefwiese are eaten together as a sorbet.


"When weeds turn out to be medicinal plants, and herbs as well as leaves can be used in the kitchen", Maurice Maggi
Hunter Longe, Synthetic Pseudomorph, 2022, process detail

Empathy for the "non-living": experiments with Hunter Longe

The creative workshop is based on the concept by artist Hunter Longe who draws attention to the living quality of the processes of fossilization and crystal growth. Based on research into his sculptures featured in the exhibition, pupils will create their own crystals and witness the transformation of materials.

They will develop empathy for the "non-living" and for elements of our environment that are unanimously exploited, as are the peoples who protect the environment.

Workshop with Ishita Chakraborty 'The Mouth Is for Speaking', 2022


Educational Program Back to the Roots