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A Future of Many Futures

We often speak of globalization as a challenge to be tackled in all its facets. Above all, however,  globalization brings one thing: an understanding of the interconnectivity of living beings and their behavior on this planet. The complex structures that unfold n the face of globalization often seem impenetrable. Their deep interconnections can be paralyzing, but the idea that one’s life and  individual choices have an impact on the world can be equally empowering and inspiring.


17.09.2021 – 29.01.2022

Kiluanji Kia Henda, Redefining the Power VI (with Pamina Sebastião), 2021

Artists around the globe are preoccupied with this ever-revealing complexity, which often shows its negative effects in young, vulnerable issues such as human rights, biodiversity, social responsibility or in the field of digitalization. Indeed, these topics are also interconnected. Art can address this often overwhelming intricacy of ideas, history, and problems and make them
understandable to its viewers on an emotional and aesthetic level without neglecting scientific knowledge. Art can create awareness for the many factors of a state and give impetus to assign a higher value to one’s own actions in this world.

Performance  ‘IS MY BODY PUBLIC?’ by Alicia Framis, AIA Space, 2021

"What does it mean to create global equality?“
Exhibition view 'A Future of Many Futures' Alicia Framis, IS MY BODY PUBLIC?, 2018
The artworks in this exhibition bring together different approaches so as to address grievances, to make them comprehensible and to reflect on them. What does it mean to create global equality regardless of origin, skin color, gender, religion or sexuality? What kind of coexistence do we want with the creatures that have inhabited the earth longer than humans? How can social  responsibility become a lived practice? Precise answers to these questions are not to be expected from the exhibited works, as they lie in the viewers.   Artists: Minerva Cuevas, Alicia Framis, Kiluanji Kia Henda, Warren Neidich, Mariana Vassileva   This exhibition was realized thanks to the generous support of BVLGARI.
Exhibition vie 'A Future of Many Futures', Warren Neidich, Hanns Eisler, 2016
Minerva Cuevas, No Room To Play, 2019 (Film Still)


A Future of Many Futures